Raising champions and taking territories for the Lord

We recognise that this is a broken world – things are not as they should be – that as human being we have fallen short of the glorious standard of God.

We want to raise women, men and children who love Jesus, who understand the power graciously given to us by God and are passionate about praising Jesus, praying for the nations and who are willing to share the light of Christ in every
corner of society and every situation.


Empowered Christians and revival

We believe that in the unity of believers lies astonishing power from God. Power to pray for nations, power to heal society – power that heralds revival and millions coming to know Christ.

We want to be part of this move of God, building communities of Christians who are equipped and empowered to lead in every aspect of life.

Vision for 2021

Grow up.

Grow big.

Grow together.

Grow up

Help build up people and empower them to serve the Lord.

Grow big

Grow our community and enable us to reach more of those in need.

Grow together

Working together as a church and with local people to establish a network of mutual support.

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